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Tuesday, March 30, 2004

After last-year's Fraulein Maria hair debacle (which I had to endure for my Graduation - thanks Mum and Dad for taking 643 photos in colour, black & white and sepia and for videotaping the event so I'll never forget what it looked like!), and February 2004's temporary Joan of Arc disaster, I now have socially-acceptable hair. It is currently chin length, slightly tousled and conveys a carefree, "just-had-sex" air. kiss-kiss.


My Weekend

Saturday morning was spent getting up early and getting my arse to my boss's house so we could go and interview some witnesses. While I arrived on time, I saw my boss was running a little late. In fact I saw him running up the stairs fresh from the shower wearing nothing but a towel which was falling off. EWWWWW. His wife rolled her eyes and looked at me sympathetically but shrugged as if to say "Dude, I had to have his CHILDREN".

Things wound up at midday which left my afternoon free for indulgent, extravagant shopping. I scored a dress from Review (one of my all-time favourite stores, bless their original designs, lovely fabrics and wearable, flattering cuts):ice blue, strapless silk cocktail for FIFTY bucks!

And then I spent the afternoon, knitting, playing my guitar and watching DVDs. Oh, and this year, I actually remembered to vote in the Local Council Elections.

Sunday morning I did reading for my Masters courses, went to the gym, showered, played some guitar all before 10.30! How's that for efficient time management? Then I met up with Al for brunch and we planned for our trip to France in October. It's six months away and goddamn I'm excited. Hopefully all the terrorists would have gotten all their bombing and jihad-ing out of the way in August at the Olympics and be all terrorised out by the time I have to get on a plane or use the Metro.


I've been hanging around with a certain 28 year old lately, formerly known as SSD. Everytime we hang out at his place he takes out his boxes of photos and laments how awfully boring his life is; how much he hates living in Sydney; how living in Colorado for a year when he was TWENTY-ONE was the best time of his life and everything else has been a letdown since. Is that fucking sad or what? Dude, that was SEVEN years ago. You haven't found something to be happy about or cheered by or thankful for since 1998?


Wednesday, March 03, 2004


I can't decide if they're kinda cool or utterly ridiculous.


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