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Sunday, June 13, 2004

Unreliable rumour has it that Ian Thorpe has wed swimmer Amanda Beard

Ahhhh, the jokes just write themselves.


Wednesday, June 09, 2004

As preparation for exams I've found this great way to procrastinate. Al and I had been looking at various accommodation options for when we go to France for leave this October. Instead of renting out shoebox hotel rooms at exorbitant prices she suggested that we rent an apartment instead.

Check out these sites:

Appartment rentals in Paris


Miscellaneous apartment rentals site

One afternoon, in the face of a research task that was driving me nuts, I ran away from work (ostensibly to "work from home") and came home and started indulging in flights of fancy that involved me buying a Parisian apartment. I spent the next three hours looking at various places in the 1st-8th Arrondissements.

Yeah it's kinda sad I know. But sometimes, it's all a person can do to stay sane. Anyway, the lovely guy I'm seeing called that night and after we'd vented about our crappy days (his ended with being stuck in a lift for an hour) I told him what I'd been up to. And rather than mocking my poor grasp on reality, he started doing it too. (What a guy). I'm telling you, it was FUN!!

We thought we'd try for a three bedroom apartment (money being no object - in our dreams) so that when we get cranky (often) there'd be plenty for space for us to sulk in. Then we had to decide on how to get there (as flying would chance terrorist incidents etc etc), so we reckoned we’d also buy a boat and sail around the world with our meagre possessions before moving into our new place...Because in our dreams we also have kick-ass nautical skills.

Since then, we’ve added to our portfolio with these kickass places in

Koh Samui

New York



and my favourites – these ones in Italy.

We won't get a place in Nam I don't think - whenever we're in Saigon we can just hang out at the Continental, Fowler-style.


I stumbled into work after a cold and flu induced long weekend and found an email from this guy I'd met at a science camp in year 11. We'd kept in touch for a few years after as he'd moved to sydney for uni and then drifted apart again. Anyway he'd found an article I'd written on the net and emailed me at work. As it turns out, he is now living and working in the Caribbean!! How cool. I want a job in the Caribbean dammit. I can help american businessmen evade tax during my breaks from pina colada-sipping and carefree-beach-frolicking.


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